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"please, explain god to me"

By Bree

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A friend sent me a letter today:

Hey, Bree, you seem a very bright (smart) lady; please, explain god to me. I never have or could understand that!!!

Dear Friend,

Allow me to share with you who God is in the world of Bree.

There is a saying: "I would rather believe in God during my lifetime and find out after death that He does not exist; than to not believe in Him in this lifetime and find out after death that He does exist." This is not my excuse for my belief in God's existence.

Psychologically, God is The All Powerful Source that we turn to for survival when all our own resources seem to be empty. If man had to believe that his only hope is what he himself can accomplish, then all of us would lose hope.

Christians, as well as all religions, pray. By praying for help, they (psychologically) are releasing the stress upon their own shoulders. This release allows them room to listen to their inner God (reasoning and problem solving skills, solution finder, conscience, intuition, etc - all the gifts given to us by our Creator).

Each religion has its own ways to release earthly weights so that their God-given-gifts can work for them. For example, Buddhists write their wishes and desires on sticks that look like the doctors' wooden tongue depressors, then they burn the sticks at the pyre. By doing so they believe they are sending their wishes to a more Omnipotent Entity than themselves. Psychologically, they are ridding themselves of this heavy weight of want and desire. By doing so they are more capable of hearing and obeying those inner gifts of God, enabling themselves to gain those wants and desires. Hence, people's prayers are answered in that they put the weight of the issue in God's hands, which allows them to use the assets God gave them to solve those very issues that weighed upon them.

God is our intuition; He is our conscience. I believe sociopaths are those born without soul or those who have lost touch with their spirituality. Ultimately, I believe the field of Genetics will find the actual malfunctioning gene that shows births where the conscience is missing or malfunctioning from birth or since some other lifetime disaster damaged this gene, possibly with hormonal imbalance from too much stress or horror. Is this in conflict with God? No, God is our creator. He not only created our genetic systems, but He gave people the intelligence to explore His creation, heal its illnesses and discover its depths and mechanisms.

God is that invisible boot that kicks you in the rump when you do something your intuition told you not to do but you did it anyway. The resulting disaster and the kick in the butt was God telling you that you should have listened to Him telling you not to do it.

God is in our morals and in our ethics. "Thou shalt not steal!" The Ten Commandments and other lessons within the Bible (as well as all other religious doctrines around the world, regardless of the name given God) are taught to us from birth, even to those people born to atheist parents. Even if they refuse to believe in God, the mere love of a parent towards a child makes the parents want to teach their children to be basically good of heart. So whether their lessons of morals and ethics are done in the name of God or not, it is still God at work.

Back when all these various religious doctrines were written, there was no internet, no ocean-going transportation, no communications among the assorted populations around the globe, no common language. So if there is not but one God with various names, how do we explain that many of the stories in the Bible are close, but slightly varied, in all the other religious doctrines? For example: Research the story of the great flood - the one our Bible tells us is about Noah's Ark. I invite those of you of other religions to tell us in the comment section below about your religious doctrine's story of the flood. If you do not know English, maybe others reading it, will interpret it into the languages they know.

The men who killed in the name of Allah are simply wrong to believe that only their doctrines are correct, as are any people of any religion or any faith, fraction, or cult of a religion wrong to believe that only they know the truth. At some point in history, God enlightened several people of his existence; from there we can count on the flaws of men and the differences of culture and language to have twisted them into various doctrines that at first glance may seem terribly diverse. My guess is that if we studied them all, we may be able to use detective work to decipher what part of God's message this or that religion got correct. However, it does not matter which doctrines we choose to believe as long as we believe that this Omniscient and Omnipotent Force, whom I personally call God, exists for all of us. All we have to do is listen to Him, for He is within us and all around us.

I will tell you one of my personal stories of how I know God works through us to do his bidding. My best friend's husband was located on the cancer deathwatch ward. My phone rang; it was her husband.

In his comical way, he asked, "Bree, if you get a chance, will you pleeeeeaaassse come take Nancy Jane out shopping or something? She is hovering around me 24/7, and I am beginning to have visions of the grim reaper coming to take me away, but he finds himself in a tug of war with Nancy Jane. I just picture her wrapping her arms around my legs and holding on. Then I go into the next life stretched like a piece of taffy."

I told Dickie I would see if I could get her to go out somewhere with me for a little while. Against her full will, she did agree to go to the local mall with me where I then had to purchase something or at least think of something to try to find. I hate shopping so this was not something I normally do. Dickie used to claim that I was so tight with money that I was born clutching a penny my mother had swallowed six months before my birth. However, there I was taking Nancy to shop for something mystical even to me. I knew Nancy loved shopping, so this was the ploy to pull her away from her husband's deathbed.

The first thing of desire I saw at the mall was food, of course. Edible and delectable goods are worthy of money. I spotted a pretzel shop. I bought a huge pretzel. Nancy declined, stating that she doesn't care for pretzels. As we were walking down the mall, I took my first bite. It was the best pretzel ever, buttery and soft. I offered the bag to Nancy, saying, "Oh, these are awesome. Just try a little piece just so I can prove how right I am." She tried one and was hooked.

We finished off my pretzel; on the way back to the other end of the mall, she walked up to the pretzel counter to order another one. This young Black man behind the counter asked her what she would like as he tied his apron on to start his shift. Nancy, being Nancy, first asked, "How are you today?"

He lit up like the sun itself and in that Southern revival form of speech threw up his arms to encompass his world and said, "The good Lord found me in His good graces once more today and allowed this sinner to awaken to another one of His glorious days! He gives me the health to walk about, to work, to meet nice people - this is a far cry more than some people have this very day. Each day that He sees fit to do this for me, I shout "Thank Ye, Lord!" When the time comes for Him to call me home to His side, again I will shout, "Thank Ye, Lord!" Here on this Earth, I am on a fabulous vacation and loving it; but, to quote the lovely Judy Garland: there is no place like home!"

Nancy and I were standing there in front of this funny, witty, awesome, glowing man with our mouths open in shock over his seeming oration. Nancy finally smiled and nodded her agreement with him, mumbled an "AMEN", and then ordered another pretzel. As we walked slowly away from the pretzel shop, neither of us spoke and neither of us opened the bag to retrieve the pretzel. We just walked in shock. Finally we looked at each other without words, only to realize that we both had tears silently streaming down our faces. We were unable to speak or find the words to explain that coincidence. There was no way for that stranger to know that Nancy's husband was on the deathwatch ward. I finally mumbled, "God sent that man to you." Despite her tears, she nodded in agreement.

So, Dear Friend, think about all the coincidences that had to occur before we could have met this man by accident. I had to be drug to that mall by a good cause - helping Dickie get some space. Out of all the food stands in that mall, I was drawn to the pretzel shop. The pretzels had to have been made with divinity to taste the way they did, which made me force a taste onto Nancy, who doesn't like pretzels. She liked these particular pretzels so much that she had to buy another. We got there just as this man was starting work because he was just putting on his apron. Out of all the employees back there, this one came to the counter to take our order. Finally, his impromptu Evangelistic speech was so pointedly what Nancy needed to hear.

I don't have to explain God; all you need to do is look behind you into your past, keep your eyes open in your presence and into your future, and God will explain Himself to you.

Right now, considering I have not written about my religious beliefs since a college World Religions course, I am wondering if God had someone create a video that a friend sent to me yesterday that touched my soul and compelled me to post it for my other friends just so you could ask me your question. Now is He intending to help you, help me, help all the readers who will feel compelled to comment about their beliefs in the comment section below, or help a world of people with diverse beliefs come to terms and acceptance of the differences of others? Only God knows why He leads us. Suffice to feel useful to the Best.

Love Ya,

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please, explain god to me

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